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Tribe of Oofy is a coaching platform for Women, Female CEOs, Founders and their TEAM. We also offer a wide range of business, branding, life and skill mastery growth courses. Our goal is to be part of the success journey of 50,000 women in business, career or self-branding spheres annually. One of the major challenges faced by businesses in Africa is a ‘lack of relevant and critical business, financial, management, mastery and branding skills’. 

Small and Medium Scale Entrepreneurs have a limited pool of options to choose from and in most cases, the available online and/or offline resources are expensive and irrelevant to emerging African Markets and its specular environments. To solve these challenges and improve the quality of Entrepreneurship in the African Continent and beyond, we launched ‘Tribe of Oofy’ because we believe resources should be readily accessible, affordable, relevant and tailored to the needs of the business environment, goal, mission, platform, tools, and vision, thus empowering female-owned businesses and the African Continent.

Tribe of Oofy guarantees facilitation of business startup, skill harnessing and monetization, business growth, life mastery, creation of a brand authority, continuity and sustainability through our structured, relevant and tailored ‘coaching’, ‘mentoring’ and ‘online courses’.
Our Coaching Program (Maximize your Unique Blueprint) is a comprehensive system for building a business that gives you more freedom and produces consistent, predictable results. Our program is unique, pairing proven systems with personal mentorship to foster not only the growth of your business but also your growth as a brand authority in your niche or industry.

Our Mission

  • Tribe of Oofy’s mission is to provide startups, growing businesses, personal brands and career women access to high-quality, practical, locally relevant and affordable resources.
  • Prepare them for success and measurable growth.
  • Builds thriving female-owned businesses to enable creation of quality jobs in Africa and globally

Our Vision

  • A time where every woman would have access to resource that helps them pivot their skill, idea and business from a local to a global stage.
  • A time where lives, homes and Africa will be transformed positively through continuous learning.
  • A time the African Continent will be abounding with sufficient jobs for her people to alleviate poverty, crime and callous labor.
  • A time when women will strive to make impact globally. Why remain local when you create global impact?

Patience Bamidele Amaebite

Our Founder

Patience Bamidele Amaebite is a trusted authority in the area of life, business and personal branding; an intense looking woman (do not worry, she is actually harmless) with a CALL to help individuals and teams gain Mastery of their Purpose, Message and Platform’. She is a certified business, branding and life coach who helps women make the transition from full-time-mom, stay-at-home-wife, unemployed woman or unsatisfied career woman to successful entrepreneur! Dele started her coaching business in 2015 and has been completely committed to helping passionate women build, launch and grow their successful businesses through the creation of a formidable brand authority.